Vindexa Domes

Vindexa is a catenary dome designed to perform mainly the function of home country. A vindexa is entirely achievable with vindex technology vindex and therefore it is environmentally friendly, sustainable, economic, functional and integrates seamlessly with the natural environment. A vindexa is built ensuring high quality of construction, solidity and comfort.

Inside a vindexa, air is conditionned in a natural way by means of the heat exchange between the ground and the internal environment thanks to the presence of two wells vindex, while the winter heating is guaranteed by the use of rocket stove integrated into the structure.

Standard vindexa project

Standard vindexa - 3D representation

Maxi Vindexa

A maxi vindexa is similar to a standard vindexa but has it is bigger and has more rooms and services.

You can design a vindexa of any size as well as a combination of many vindexa of different sizes to compose complexe architectures for various purposes according to the principle of structuralism.

Maxi vindexa project

Maxi vindexa 3D representation

Mini Vindexa

A mini vindexa is just a small vindexa.

A mini vindexa

Mini vindexa 3D representation

We can build vindexa with any diameter and height and for any purpose.