Different types of vindex bricks produced for testing - Degache (Tunisia) - May 2012.

Vindex bricks are stabilized and pressed bricks, their dimensions are 25cm x 12cm x 5.5cm (standard brick size - Italian UNI). They are of excellent quality, economic, ecological and sustainable. The vindex bricks are used to build houses, internal and external coatings, insulating coats, fences, floors, stairs ...


Vindex bricks are produced using the Vindex Brick Machine which is designed and manufactured for the purpose. Vindex bricks don't need to be fired, but they are dried in air.


The Ecopress is a small hydraulic press machine designed and manufactured to produce hight quality vindex bricks and pressed adobe bricks. It is entirely produced in Italy and all its parts are of high quality seen it is by design intended to work for long periods with minimal maintenance even in dusty environments.

Ecopress - Mars 2013

Vindex bricks produced in Degache (Tunisia) - May 2012

Vindex bricks produced in Degache (Tunisia) - May 2012

(1): Even if the adobe bricks are only pressed without stabilization, they have been included in this category.