Multipurpose hall (Vindexa Venere) at Celenza Sul Trigno (Italy) - June 2015



What is?

Vindex Technology and Architecture (TAVX) is a set of technological, technical, architectural and urban solutions to create an ecological, economic and sustainable architecture that tightly integrates with the natural environment.


Initially, the TAVX was conceived as a personal research project to find an ecological and sustainable solution for the reconstruction of the old town centre of Degache (oasis in south-western of Tunisia) built in adobe (clay bricks) and completely destroyed by flooding in 1991/92. The project also aimed to limit the use of reinforced concrete in future because of its environmental incompatibility and excessive cost.
Over time, the TAVX project evolved and today offers some great solutions for country housing, touristic and agritourism infrastructure. TAVX is a good solution for low cost housing.

TAVX now includes five sub-projects that are:

  1. Self-handling of building materials.
  2. Vindex Architecture.
  3. Vindex Construction Technique.
  4. Vindex natural air conditioning system.
  5. Vindex heating system.
The five sub-projects vindex have been completely defined and standardized. Thanks to their integration, they establish a complete solution for an economical, ecological and sustainable architecture.