Daylight - Practical Guide to Design


Practical Guide to Design


Author: Jilani KHALDI
Number of pages: 109
Dimensions: A4
Format: PDF
Price: 15,00 €. You will receive the Daylight software free of charge. It hase been developed by the same author using the contents of the technical report.

Daylight is the combination of all direct and indirect sunlight during the daytime. This includes direct sunlight, diffuse sky radiation, and often both of these reflected by Earth and terrestrial objects, like landforms and buildings. (From Wikipedia).

The goal of the TR-102.EN is to provide architects, engineers and anyone interested in lighting or bioclimatic architecture with a simple and practical guide that illustrates how to design the lighting of internal or semi-internal environments (balconies, porches, loggias ...) using natural light (daylight).

TR-102.EN represents a significant step forward for daylight calculation compared to the Technical Report which is considered the international authority on lighting and illumination. In TR-102.EN diagrams that are difficult to read and interpret, proposed by CIE, have been replaced with simple tables for immediate consultation and use with more descriptions and examples for different types of environments.

The type of environments proposed is not limited to the residential ones where generally the lighting takes place only through on side windows. TR-102.EN illustrates how to illuminate rooms with windows placed on both sides, horizontal or pitched roofs, on sawtooth roofs (common in industrial warehouses, hypermarkets ...) or on monitors (as in churches, villas , historical buildings...).

For greater accuracy of the results, the daylight calculation takes into account various contingent factors such as environmental factors (polluted area or not) and total or partial obstructions due to the presence of buildings, trees or other objects.

Using TR-102.EN and the software Daylight, developed by the same author of TR-102.EN, are the only tools needed to accomplish daylight calculations. Everything is solved quickly and sufficiently accurately with very simple operations.

In the spirit of the Technical Report, the publication contains many practical examples and useful suggestions to allow the designer to become immediately and concretely operational and productive.

To make the operations simple, practical and easily verifiable, analytical formulas were introduced. These formulas were obtained by means of non-linear regression analysis using the data contained in the tables. In this way, it is no longer necessary to perform a series of interpolation operations before using a value not present in the tables, but just apply single and simple formulas to achieve the desired result.

The tests carried out have shown that the application of these formulas produces results with errors less than 1% compared to the values obtained directly from graphs, taking a considerably shorter time. This means that the formulas proposed in this publication have the validity of being used in practical and technical applications with an absolutely negligible errors.

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CIE: (Commission Interntionale de l'éclairage) (International Commission of Illumination)

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