Jik Net Services (JiKNS) is a small IT company specializing in software development, electronic publishing and distance learning.

Software Development

Management and Technical Software

We develop both management applications and applications with a high scientific and technical content that can be interfaced with the web, but also apps for tablets and smartphones. We use a variety of programming languages and particularly Go, Julia, Dart, Ruby and Lua. Concerning RDBMS, we use SQLite and Firebird.

Electronic Publishing

Books, Theses, Publications

JiKNS is also specialized in the writing of texts with a high scientific and technical content. As work tools we mainly use LaTeX. The formats of our publications are in PDF and/or epub.


Translations of Books and Manuals

JiKNS also offers a translation service of books and manuals from one of the following languages to another:

  • Arabic
  • French
  • English
  • Italian

Distance Learning

Various Kinds of Courses

We also offer a remote training service, that is, courses in programming (software development), electronic publishing and others on request.

Last upadate: 12/01/2023